The love of the classroom? 

More than 5 years old children with developmental disabilities, youth and. Free Saturday maps with the love of Christ for them to practice and understand the Word Contributions St. God as schools and by providing such appropriate educational programs and Recreation activities help the cognitive and social development of people with developmental disabilities integrated into society for adults is a program for training and raising to life. 

10:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturdays from 5 regions including OC, LA, East LA, Irvine , Torrance , and to proceed with the program, and tuition and other expenses, and operating as a wholly free.


Classroom management, the purpose of loving

spiritual development of people with disabilities (Provide opportunities for spiritual growth) 

acquisition of vital functions {Teach individuals to be independent) 

diversification of social experience (Help understand the society and develop a social life) 

implementation of a valuable life (Help built up a valuable life)


Classroom into the love of

the love of the classroom received a positive response from the community and dedicated service and a variety of activities for August 6 with developmental disabilities in Orange County are beginning to start in 2000. April 20, 2002 Classroom Love Me twice in LA, was April 05, 2003 opened the three classes of second love in East LA, followed by a classroom of fourth in love on April 28, 2007 Irvine , in September 2008, opened the classroom of the 13th Torrance love Me for five are going to hold firmly in place to get the most lively and trust with developmental disabilities welfare agencies in Southern California. Its status is as follows:


Class AGAPE in Orange County

Location: Hope Church (Korean Hope Presbyterian Church) 

yicheonyoung: Head Teacher 


Participants | Participants – 19 

volunteers | Volunteers – 31 

jabong Interns | Volunteer Interns – 0 

Adults step | Staff – 1


Class AGAPE in Los Angeles

Location: chunghyeon Mission Church (5005 Edenhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039) 

Head Teacher: oheunyoung (Eunyoung Oh) 


Participants | Participants – 21 

volunteers | Volunteers – 28 

jabong Interns | Volunteer Interns – 0 

Adults step | Staff – 0


Class AGAPE in E. Los Angeles

Location: Church of the Good Steward (2701 Woodgate Dr., West Covina, CA 91792) 

Head Teacher: change miseon (Misun Byun) 

Secretary: reading something like (Minsoo Park) 

Participants | Participants – 24 

volunteers | Volunteers – 27 

jabong Interns | Volunteer Interns – 7 

Adults step | Staff – 4


Class AGAPE in Irvine

Location: Bethel Church (18700 Harvard Ave., Irvine, CA 92612) 

Head Teacher: hongsuyeon (Sandie Hong) 

Secretary: honghyejeong (Hye Jung Hong) 

Participants | Participants – 13 

volunteers | Volunteers – 18 

jabong Interns | Volunteer Interns – 1 

adult step | Staff – 0


Class AGAPE in Torrance

Location: Torrance First Presbyterian Church (1880 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90501) 

Head Teacher: bakmyeonghui 


Participants | Participants – 16 

volunteers | Volunteers – 25 

jabong Interns | Volunteer Interns – 1 

adult step | Staff – 2


교육활동 내용

1. Praise & Worship

2. Independent Living Skills

3. Learning Stations

4. Art & Crafts

5. Music Class

6. Origami

7. Cooking Class

8. Adapted Physical Education

9. Adaptation to Society (Field trips)


Facebook address of the local Love the classroom

Orange County:!/groups/268831166543167/

Los Angeles:!/groups/classAGAPEinla/

East LA:!/groups/30074515348/


Torrance:! / groups / 180004958713554 /