About Us

Milal Mission in South California

In 1979, Jae Suh Lee, currently the President of Milal Mission International, who is also legally blind, founded the Korean Milal Mission organization. This organization was started in order to educate the churches, communities, and the society of current issues for people with disabilities. In March of 1995, the American Milal Mission and the Milal Mission Korea collaborated to reach out and share their vision with people living with disabilities throughout the world.

The Milal Mission organization is established in over 30 countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, England, and Russia. Milal Mission is headquartered in South Korea with 28 locations in the country. Milal Mission is dedicated to serving individuals with special needs and their families through the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and following Christ’s example of servitude.

The President of the Milal Mission in Southern California, Young Sun Lee, was appointed on July 1, 2000. A total of 600 members are involved at our local branch in Southern California, including 300 members with special needs.